What Happens When a Decorated Officer Goes Bad?

One Man’s True Life Story – From Cop to Incarcerated to Christ.

Many people in positions of authority often portray an outward image of control and confidence, when in fact they are alone and searching for something to satisfy their thirst. Such was the case with John Richard Collier, a self-described “prideful man who lived life on my own terms.” In Inside Out: A Father’s Love (paperback, 978-1-60477-340-8), he tells the story of his life as a police officer and how he overcame a battered and abused childhood. At first, the anger and hatred he carried for his father changed the outward person he was. The rage that eventually surfaced took him on a self-destructive path of failure and tragedy. His life shattered as he became the person he hated most. Read how Christ saved him from death, and how his life became transformed through a series of miraculous events.
As first a distinguished police officer and later an inmate in prison, the author experienced the tragedy, humiliation, and anguish of living behind bars. He witnessed the miracles of God in others and finally experienced the greatest healing of his own life.

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