Thursday August 27 LIVE at 8pm Eastern John Collier will be interviewed on Crime Beat Radio with host Ron Chipesuik. Ron is a native of Thunder Bay, Canada, a full-time freelance journalist, screen writer, film producer and radio host based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.

As an award winning screenwriter, Ron has had four screenplays optioned for movies. He serves as a consultant to the History Channel´s ¨Gangland¨ series and has been interviewed by NBC´s Dateline, the Biography Channel’s “Mobsters”, The Discovery Channel’s “Undercover” and Black Entertainment Television´s ¨American Gangster.¨

Ron will interview John as he shares his story as a former decorated Indiana State Trooper, how he ended up serving 10 years in prison, and his journey to healing and recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). John’s story is to be chronicled in a new television series through D4 Entertainment, a production company with projects in film, television, and memoirs. Join us on Crimebeat this Thursday evening LIVE.