“Fear can hold you hostage. Hope Can Set You Free”

Decorated Indiana State Trooper, John Collier, had finally become the hero he’d always wanted his father to be.

“I did what I thought I was supposed to do to be an honorable man,” John recalls.

But even the most honorable men aren’t strong enough to withstand the hell unleashed through unidentified trauma.

An attempt to reunite with his father would send John into a tailspin, leading to drug addiction, dismissal from the force, and a ten-year prison sentence.

Based on a True Story

This is a true story of a police officer who overcame a battered and abused childhood. Having risen through the ranks of the Indiana State Police, Trooper John Piper had become a decorated and trusted officer who was elevated to bodyguard for the state governor. After experiencing the shame and humiliation of imprisonment, his life was forever changed when God intervened to save his life.

Author/Speaker John Collier shares his unforgettable story in his autobiography Inside Out, a Father’s Love. This true story takes you on a journey of complex childhood trauma John experienced as a child, the obstacles he overcame, and his success as a decorated Indiana State Trooper. Triggered by complex childhood memories PTSD took him on a perilous journey of self-destruction that ended in 10 years of prison.

About John Collier

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